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My portfolio of articles, videos, and social graphics designed for KDVR/KWGN

The Highlights

  • Produced unique, original, and shareable content for station websites and social media accounts.

  • Directed digital sports coverage by writing breaking sports news, feature stories, game recaps, and created unique, original social graphics using Photoshop.

  • Wrote, recorded, and edited videos exclusively for digital platforms.

  • Established and executed digital strategies that grew KDVR’s digital presence, resulting in becoming the top Denver TV news website and ranking first in social media engagements in 2018, despite having a smaller audience.

  • Developed a successful morning news digital strategy that set the tone for the day, including daily push alerts, livestreams from reporters in the field or newsroom complete with lower thirds and b-roll, and more engaging content strategically timed.

  • Worked with assignment desk, reporters, and TV producers to quickly get the latest information on the website, app, and social media platforms.

  • Wrote text articles, published video clips from newscasts, and edited photo galleries.

  • Created original, shareable graphics for station social platforms for news, sports, and trending events, including templates for other members of the digital team to use easily.

  • Identified trending stories of the day and successfully engaged the local audience across multiple platforms.

  • Won the Colorado Broadcaster's Association Award and the Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Station Website, both for the first time in station history.


Hard News and Breaking News


Other News and Enterprise Content

All my articles from KDVR/KWGN can be found here

My Twitter and Instagram posts, graphics, and videos from KDVR/KWGN can be found on my Gondola page

Social Videos and Facebook Live

Videos and Facebook Live are important in any social media strategy. Using the tools available to me I edited together several videos that have brought in high engagement rates for KDVR/KWGN. I also produced several Facebook Live broadcasts from weather coverage to a town hall on health care using graphics I created.


August 2018: Wildfire smoke affecting Colorado


September 2018: TV reporter tries Scottish Capall Dirtboarding

October 2018: Denver police are scanning license plates

November 2018: Archery dodgeball comes to Denver

February 2019: Horse near Denver International Airport turns 11

February 2019: Nolan Arenado reaches new deal with the Rockies


  • Because of league restrictions, covering sports with video online can be tricky for local TV stations. At KDVR I created 30-second to one-minute videos for sports stories using pictures and complete with a reporter voice-over. 

Facebook Live
Often times when reporters are out in the field there are opportunities to do an extended live shot online - especially when it comes to weather. It's a great way to get the news out to the public and an easy way to incorporate TV and digital. 

​Adding an overlay to a typical sky-cam view is a good way to drive more engagement on a basic Facebook Live. In this case, I made a sky-cam into a forecast. And in the description, I told people to "we can see the mountains again" - drawing eyes to the mountains but also getting our weather brand out there. 

Here's another example of how adding an overlay can help improve the performance of a Facebook Live. When Nolan Arenado signed a big contract with the Rockies, I quickly created this overlay for a livestream of Coors Field. 

​Sometimes it's really nice in Denver (okay more like all the time) meanwhile it's snowy or stormy in other parts of the country. Doing a side-by-side Facebook Live is a great way of getting engagement from the audience and is successful every time I do it. It's a live shot of Denver and a live look at an east coast city at the same time. ​

​Sports Social Graphics

I love covering the sports teams in Denver and creating social graphics that celebrate them. While at KDVR/KWGN I was tasked with leading the station to victory every Sunday while covering the Broncos online for three seasons. I became the go-to person for digital sports content whether it be on social or on the website/app.

​Social Graphics

Here are examples of other social graphics I made at KDVR/KWGN for various events using Photoshop.

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