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My portfolio of work from my time at AccuWeather

The Highlights

  • Revolutionized AccuWeather's social media presence with redesigned graphic and video styles, directly contributing to 10 of the top 20 most-viewed videos since 2001 within the first two months.

  • Regularly produce and edit diverse social media videos using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, focusing on both short-form and long-form content.

  • Achieved a leading position in audience engagement metrics, surpassing key competitors for the first time in company history in average interactions per post and total engagement on various platforms.

  • Jumpstarted 166% growth on TikTok and 30% Instagram growth after months of zero growth for the brand through thoughtful posting and evolving social media SEO strategies within first six months.

  • Employ social analytics tools to refine video content strategies, successfully enhancing views and key performance indicators across multiple platforms.

​Social Graphics

One of my first tasks at AccuWeather was establishing a fresh and modern social media style to evolve on the company's brand standards and come up with new ways to engage and grow the brand audience. 

See all my social media posts, graphics, and videos on my Gondola page. 

​Social Videos

A major part of my role at AccuWeather is content creation and digital video content. I designed a template style for storytelling through text on video and multiple formats for different video styles that included a social-friendly approach complete with powerful videos, easy-to-read text, and custom voiceover. 


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