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FOX Weather

My portfolio of work from my time at FOX Weather

The Highlights

  • Developed and executed social media strategies that enhanced brand awareness and voice for FOX Weather as part of the audience development team.

  • Designed and implemented a custom social media graphics package in January 2023, elevating FOX Weather's brand identity and resulting in a remarkable 174% growth in Facebook followers within the first 5 months.

  • Curated and edited captivating stories for FOX Weather's social media platforms in collaboration with field correspondents, consistently achieving top-performing posts with double to triple the engagement compared to videos with traditional presentations.

  • Created engaging social media graphics that simplify complex weather information for a nationwide audience.

  • Collaborated with meteorologists and correspondents to accurately portray weather information and develop compelling visual storytelling.

  • Managed and executed social media projects and campaigns around company initiatives like National Parks Week, Valentine's Day, Earth Day, and hurricane season among others to drive app downloads, website views, and increase reach.

  • Created and maintained FOX Weather's graphic and video style templates and guide in Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Canva to ensure consistency across all team members.

  • Optimized thumbnails and end screens for FOX Weather YouTube page to drive more video views and increase SEO traffic, a key company priority.

  • Utilized social media marketing strategies to drive app downloads, website views, and grow the audience through creative approaches.

​Social Graphics

I managed an evolving social media style for FOX Weather as part of the audience development team. I frequently created and edited new templates, and coming up with new, engaging ways to convey information and get the audience to engage.


See all my social media posts, graphics, and videos on my Gondola page. 

​Social Videos

I edited videos for social media using a simplified graphics approach and a clean overall style. These videos were frequently done with correspondents in the field and would get double to triple the engagement than the videos taken directly from the TV channel because they were made for social media and the platform they were being posted on.




Instagram Reels ​


I managed the design and optimization of FOX Weather's YouTube thumbnails to drive SEO traffic, video views, and subscriber growth. I used the same tactics to improve our viewership numbers on Facebook Watch videos. The new thumbnails and title strategy resulted in our videos ranking in YouTube News playlists and Google searches driving new views and subscribers.


Live Stream


On-Air Talent​​


Special Projects and Campaigns

Valentine's Day

I used Valentine's Day as an opportunity to have fun while promoting FOX Weather's on-air talent through creative weather-themed Valentine's Day graphics. These cards were shared on the brand accounts and shared by the talent on their personal accounts.


These would also be used on-air as a way to mention the holiday and promote our social media platforms.


Swipe through the gallery to see a few of my Valentine's Day graphics.


America's Weather Watchers Facebook Group

At FOX Weather, one of my notable achievements was spearheading the creation of the America's Weather Watchers Facebook Group. Recognizing the value of user-generated content (UGC), I conceived the idea, obtained approval across departments, designed the group's logo, managed interactions, and single-handedly promoted it without any additional budget or resources.

The group became a thriving community, attracting contributions from both professional photographers and weather enthusiasts worldwide. The exceptional photos and videos shared within the group enabled FOX Weather to convey compelling weather stories online and on-air, leveraging captivating visuals in an unprecedented and efficient manner.

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